The Royall School District property owners may see an increase in property taxes.  School Superintendent Mark Gruen says,  “The Royall School Board approved a preliminary 2013-14 budget Monday night even with the uncertainty of Governor Walker’s plan. With a potential increase in taxes for our community based on the property values being lower than last year.  We used the 2% drop of property value.  We hope that’s not the case, we have at least a stable property value and maybe an increase.  We also used our stable student numbers and we used equivalent aid to last years amount-minus a few different pieces.  So we’re trying to put a budget together so we can put our orders in place this summer.  As always, it is a very, very preliminary budget and we still don’t know what our increase per pupil will be, if anything.  In other business, the Board accepted the resignation of Social Studies teacher and head basketball coach Mark Gustafson.  Gustafson has taken the position of K-12 Principal in the Monticello School District.”