The Royall School Board had a busy night at its meeting on Monday night as it approved CESA contracts and a new K-6 Language Art Curriculum. With the CESA contracts, Superintendent Mark Gruen said the CESA 4 contract was identical to last years, except this year it included the Carl Perkins Consortium, which is to improve career and technical education programs. Gruen also said the CESA 5 contract is smaller than last year, and that is because the district has decided to hire a speech and language pathologist, instead of going through CESA. It is also smaller because CESA 5 is no longer offering the SCING lab, which was distance learning network.

With the new language art curriculum, Gruen said it is in line with the Common Core. Elementary/Intermediate Principal Darcy Uppena said that the new curriculum is very rigorous and a lot of technology is used. She also said that two districts were already working with the curriculum and they gave good reports, and the elementary staff was for it. Both Gruen and Uppena said that the cost $71,000, but that they had been working on getting it paid for that. They budgeted $25,000 for workbooks annually, and they still had about $20,000 left from this year. Gruen said that Uppena had been working with Title to help with the cost, and from that she was able to get about $34,500. With all of that, that leaves about $17,000. which they plan to pay for using the some of the budgeted money for the next school year.

The board also decided to move forward with working with a new company with their student software. Skyward is a software company specializing in K–12 administrative software packages used in schools to manage and store information pertaining to Student Management and other services. Previously, Royall was the only district in the state that bought its software from another school. Gruen said that it wasn’t that they didn’t like the system they had and it was a fine system, but for the sake of the district, it would be better to go a professional software company because it would handle multiple school districts. The price is right around $50,000 for four years, and most of the cost is to get set up and have training done to use the software, and the conversion of all the data. After that, it is about $4000/year. Within the system, the district would be able to save a little bit of money on its mass communications system because instead of having to download data weekly, Skyward downloads as soon as there is new data.
The Royall School Board usually meets every 4th Monday of the month at 7pm.