Congressman Ron Kind rolled out his new Student Loan Debt Action Plan, consisting of five simple and workable options to ease the burden on current and future student loan borrowers and their families. Kind introduced his plan in Eau Claire yesterday.  “Wisconsin students graduate from college and enter the job market with over $28,000 in debt on average, creating a huge financial strain that can last for years,” said Rep. Kind. “More than ever, we have an immediate need to reform student loan repayment programs so that students aren’t punished for seeking higher education.” Rep. Kind was joined at the press conference by Saul Newton, a U.S. Army veteran and Wisconsin college student pursuing a degree in communications, and Rachel Steuer, a social worker in the Eau Claire area, both of whom have been saddled with student loan debt. Scot Ross, executive director of the non-profit One Wisconsin Now, discussed the impact of student loan debt in the state and joined the call for immediate action. Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District is home to fourteen colleges and universities and more than 71,000 undergraduate students.  In all, 68 percent of Wisconsin students carry student loan debt.


To read Kind’s plan, click here Student Loan Debt Action Plan 4 14.


Contributed by Peter Knudsen