A 12-person Juneau County jury heard testimony Wednesday from two doctors in the trial of 30-year old Eric Roider of Milwaukee.  Roider is accused of abusing a young boy in July 2011 at a residence in the Town of Necedah.  Mile Bluff Medical Center ER doctor Charles Coffey testified a CT Scan revealed bleeding inside the head.  The jury was also able to ask questions by writing them on paper.  One juror asked Dr. Coffey where in the head was the bleeding located and he responded in the frontal lobe.  After being evaluated by the ER doctor in Mauston, the boy was med-flown to Madison.  Pediatric Critical Care Expert witness, Dr. Marlowe Eldridge of UW-Hospital, testified the young boy had genital and head injuries.  He was suspicious and contacted Social Services and other experts in child abuse cases.  The trial continues Thursday morning.