A Reedsburg man, who had never gotten a driver’s license, was involved in a one-vehicle accident causing serious injury to a passenger.  The deputy said on March 30th, 2013 19-year old Nicholas Moore was traveling on Fern Avenue in Adams County when he saw water over the roadway.  He hit the brakes of the car he had borrowed from his girlfriend and was traveling about 45-miles per hour when the vehicle entered the water.  Moore lost control and the car started fishtailing.  It entered the ditch and struck a tree.  He was not able to kick the out the windshield so he kicked out the back window and climbed out.  Moore and three passengers were medically transported.  He was charged with operating without a license causing great bodily harm.  He was cited for driving too fast for conditions, no seatbelt, failure to have passengers seat belted, and failure to keep vehicle under control.  During a court hearing, bail was set at a $1000 signature bond.