A theft has occurred in the Town of Armenia. A Century 21 real estate agent told Deputy Shawn Skiles that someone had stolen a Century 21 “for sale” sign on a property on 3rd Street. She had been up to the property on October 30th to place a sign on it, and sent a picture to her client, who is selling the property. On November 11th, she drove up to see if the sign was still there, and she discovered that it was missing. She also told the deputy that she has had to replace that sign several times. She suspects that it might be a neighbor who doesn’t want the property sold. However, she told the deputy that she has no proof of that. The real estate agent told the deputy that she might be sending a letter to the adjourning land owners to alert them to a thief in the area as a precaution. The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident.