A semi driver was injured when a pumpkin smashed the windshield.  The deputy said last month a Necedah man, 44-year old Jack Becker, was operating a 2012 Volvo semi-tractor trailer east on Interstate 90/94 near New Lisbon.  As he traveled under the County Road ‘M’ overpass about 2am in the morning, something struck his windshield.  He heard a loud noise and was hit by glass.  Becker pulled the semi over to the side of the Interstate.  He saw pieces of pumpkin all over inside the cab.  Becker told the deputy his neck hurt and he was dizzy.  He was transported to Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston for his injuries.  It appeared some unknown person had been on the County Road ‘M’ overpass and threw the pumpkin toward oncoming traffic.