Francis Walsh and daughter in Justice Center hallway Wednesday morning.


Judge John Roemer closed the courtroom and ordered everyone out this morning during a hearing for a Lyndon Station man.  70-year old Francis Walsh was in court for his initial appearance on a criminal ‘slander of title’ charge.  Walsh is accused of passing a Warranty Deed through the Juneau County Register of Deeds knowing the County owned the land.  Wednesday morning the Juneau County Courtroom was filled with Walsh supporters.  One was attempting to record the hearing without permission and the bailiff ordered him out of the courtroom.  Judge Roemer entered, and because the Walsh supporters did not show respect or maintain decorum in the courtroom, everyone was  ordered out except court officials.  One of Walsh’s supporters, Commander of the Honor Guard for Adams County American Legion Post 25o, Earl Nahmens, commented while waiting in the hallway. “I’m here because of the Preamble to the Constitution, to make right the masters of might and hold accountable both the classes and the masses.  I have my Oath right here.  And for them to not allow us in the courtroom was a violation of our rights.  They violated the law by not allowing us in there and by not allowing us to record.  We gave notice that we wanted to record.”   Following the hearing, Judge Roemer made this general statement to WRJC.  “A Circuit Court Judge has the inherent authority to control his or her courtroom.  This includes the demeanor, behavior, and statements made by all parties and any members of the public that violate courtroom decorum, good order, and dignity, and respect to the Judicial Branch.”  During the hearing, Walsh represented himself.  The court set his preliminary hearing for April 10th, 2013 at 10am.