contributed….The excessive rain since mid April has prevented many farmers from getting crops planted and delayed harvest of spring forage crops.   There are also many situations where portions of fields were not planted due to the wet conditions or if the field did get planted, it may have drowned out and has failed.  It is very important that producers with crop insurance contact their agent to find out their options in regards to planting a subsequent crop as a cover crop or for potential harvest later this fall.  The Farm Service Agency will not be able to explain your options regarding your crop insurance policy because every policy and individual has a different situation as to what will be most beneficial for them.   If a crop is reported as prevented planting or failed to your crop insurance agent it must be reported to the Farm Service Agency as well or there could be compliance problems.  The crop certification deadline of July 15th is the last day a producer can report prevented planting acres to the Farm Service Agency and have the application approved.  Producers will receive history credit for planting a particular crop if they timely report the acreage to FSA.  This can be very important when it comes to future farm programs and crop insurance.  Producers must call the Juneau County FSA office at 847-7221 Ext 2 to schedule an appointment before July 15th if they want credit for their prevented plantings and avoid late filing fees.   Producers who have contacted the office before July 15th will either be scheduled for an appointment or placed on a register which will allow them to report their planted, failed, and prevent planted acreage after July 15th.  Failed acreage not covered by crop insurance should be reported to FSA before plowing up the failed crop and replanting.  Producers with crop insurance may report failed acreage by providing crop insurance documentation such as a loss claim to their local FSA office.  If a producer misses the reporting deadline for prevented planting, they may still report prevented planting acreage as long as the disaster condition may be verified by a field visit.  To make an appointment to file your 2013 planted, prevented plantings, or failed acreage or for more info on any FSA program please contact the Juneau County FSA office at (608) 847-7221 Ext 2 or access the website at