Contributed…The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office now has a drop box for unwanted prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse has been steadily on the increase the last decade. A 2012 Study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), found that there were approximately 27,000 drug overdose deaths in 2009 in the United States. That equals to one death every nineteen minutes.  In fact, the number of prescriptions for pain killers, (one of the drugs widely abused), has quadrupled since 1999.  The CDC Study states that seventy-six percent of those abusing prescription drugs obtain them not through a doctor, but through others who have a prescription for them.  They are not always sold or given to the non-prescribed user – often times they are stolen.  This is why it is imperative that we destroy unused prescription drugs.The Sheriff’s Office received the metal drop box through a grant generated by a Sauk County High School Student, Jordyn Schara.  Jordyn received monies through a Finding Fearless grant from the Case Foundation to purchase and provide 24/7 Drop Boxes to local police and sheriff’s offices.  The box we received was damaged in shipping.  We contacted Al Hickey of ATH Collision Repair and they repaired and painted the box at no cost.  We want to thank Jordyn and the crew at ATH for their generous donation.

Go through your medicine cabinet and pull unwanted or unused prescriptions out and drop them off at the Sheriff’s Office.  There is no cost and no questions asked.  The life you save may be that of a relative or friend.

Brent H. Oleson, Sheriff