A Mauston man was cited for two drug offenses.  Police said Sunday afternoon, September 8th, 2013, about 4:40pm an officer responded to the area in the 600-block of Crescent Street in the City of Mauston for a suspicious person complaint.  The suspect was limping asking people for money.  When the officer arrived, he recognized the man as 24-year old Emil St. Clair.   St. Clair told the officer he had injured his ankle and was asking for gas money to get to the Reedsburg hospital because the hospital in Mauston would not help him.  St. Clair’s speech was slurred and his pupils were constricted.  He admitted to smoking marijuana and removed a small baggie of marijuana and pot pipe from his pocket.  After the officer contacted St. Clair, his walking improved and he no longer limped.  St. Clair was cited for possession of THC and drug paraphernalia and fined $606.  Two days later, early Tuesday morning about 12:05am, St. Clair was riding his bike in oncoming traffic in downtown Mauston and considered a hazard.  His eyes were glassy and blood shot and his speech was slurred.  He admitted smoking ‘weed’ earlier in the night.  St. Clair had a pot pipe and baggie of marijuana in his pocket.  He was arrested, transported to the Juneau County Jail, and charged with felony possession of THC-2nd offense.