Rajesh Nellore of GEITS and Adams County Conservationist Chris Murphy


The Australian company attempting to get a foothold in North America and sell its innovative technology made progress in its efforts, but has fallen short of its initial goal.  The Global Environmental Infrastructure Solutions, known as GEITS, has spent the past month trying to get support for removing the phosphorous in Petenwell Lake using electrolytic flocculation.  First the Adams County Board adopted a Resolution agreeing to support the efforts and tasked County Conservationist Chris Murphy to facilitate the process.  During a public informational meeting at the Adams Community Center Friday evening, GEITS engineer Rajesh Nellore, told dozens of concerned citizens from both Juneau and Adams Counties there was little support from the DNR to place solar panels on Petenwell Lake to power the electrolytic flocculation and no utilities were willing to purchase the 50-megawatt power that would be generated.  Murphy said, “We haven’t been able to move the project forward with entities we’ve spoken with to date.”  If there is a silver lining to GEITS’ efforts in North America, the company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Adams to use its innovative technology to remove phosphorous from the City Wastewater Treatment Plant and build a facility to assemble the solar panels in the City of Adams Industrial Park.