While driving in the downtown Mauston Kwik Trip parking lot, a Mauston man struck a parked pickup.  Police said on April 6th, 2013 70-year old Randall Phelps was driving a blue-colored 2006 Dodge Ram truck when he struck a parked gray-colored 2004 Ford Ranger.  The driver of the Ford Ranger pickup, 29-year old Leonard Raspotnik told the officer he saw the accident.  As Phelps walked toward the Raspotniks’ pickup, Phelps fell backwards striking his head on the bumper.  A search revealed a small, almost empty bottle of whiskey in Phelps’ t-shirt pocket.  A Preliminary Breath Test showed .33%.  After being medically cleared from the hospital, Phelps was transported to the Juneau County Jail.  He has been charged with OWI-3rd offense.