The Three OMS Battle of the Books Teams - Photo taken by Chris Smolek

The Three OMS Battle of the Books Teams – Photo taken by Chris Smolek

On Tuesday, April 29th, nine 6th grade students from Olson Middle School participated in the Mississippi Valley Gifted and Talented Network’s Battle of the Books competition in Viroqua.  Battle of the Books is an extra-curricular activity for 6th grade students. Teams of three students work together to read a total of 50 books during the school year and then meet to compete in quiz bowl-style contests to test their book knowledge against students from area schools.

At the competition on Tuesday, there were six rounds of competition, and each battle lasted up to 15 minutes. Each team was given an equal number of questions; from there, the teams had to confer with each other and give one answer. The teams had to do this by memory as no notes or lists of the books they have read could be present during the rounds. A point was given for each correct answer, and no points were taken away for an incorrect answer.

According to Mary Bender, the sixth grade reading teacher who helped the team prepare for the event, Team 1 consisting of Journey Malacina, Rowen Horton, and Adam Klein took 1st place. They were tied for 1st at the end of the last battle and won the tie breaking battle against Tomah.  They had all 10 responses correct in the last battle. Teams 2 and 3 tied for 3rd place. They were only 2 points behind the two teams that tied for first. There were 18 teams that competed at the competition.


High School Social Studies Teacher and K12 Gifted and Talented Coordinator Greg LaBansky contributed this story.