A Mauston police officer was spit in the face Thursday afternoon while making an arrest.  Officer John Nault said he was on patrol and noticed 25-year old Timothy Andrews in the driveway of a residence in the 300-block of Tremont Street.  Andrews was wanted for disorderly conduct as a result of an incident at the Roman Castle Restaurant.  As Officer Nault approached the driveway, Andrews yelled, “I’m not going to jail” and retreated inside the house.  Lieutenant Jackson and two Juneau County deputies arrived to assist with the arrest.  Andrews’ friends were forcefully bringing Andrews to the door, and Officer Nault was able to handcuff him.  Andrews continued to struggle, yelling threats, and spit in Officer Nault’s face with some entering the Officer’s mouth.  Inside the jail, Andrews was placed in a spit mask and a restraint chair.  Officer Nault went to Mile Bluff Medical Center to get checked out for the exposure to Andrews’ spit and a blood draw.  Andrews has been tentatively charged with disorderly conduct, battery of law enforcement officer, bail jumping, and failure to comply with officer’s attempt to take into custody.  Friday morning, Juneau County Sheriff Brent Oleson said, “Andrews was disruptive in the jail.  But no one was injured.”