The Juneau County Board voted down a resolution to guarantee 6-million dollars of Midwestern Disaster Area Bonds on behalf of the Woodside Sports Complex located east of Mauston.  The motion failed Tuesday morning on a 6 to 13 vote with one abstention and one supervisor absent.  Even after the Juneau County economic Development Corporation Executive Directory Terry Whipple urged the Supervisors to vote for the resolution because of the anticipated increase in retail sales tax revenue and the benefits to area businesses, Board Chairman Alan Peterson voted ‘no’.  After the vote, Woodside Sports Complex spokesman Dave Wabick said, “I’d say it kills it over here and it’ll move to Adams County to the Dells Center.  We have a bank loan to finance it over there.  The interesting thing about the vote is that the deal was identical to the one that we had.  The 6-million dollars that they were at risk for, Damon was putting in the extra money.  In addition, the 20-year amortization was really a part of what Juneau County needed, not what Damon needed.  He would have gone with the 10-years.”  Wabick was going to call the developer, Damon Zumwalt, after the vote Tuesday morning.

Dave Wabick explains new building at Woodside Ranch replaces outdated one