contributed…..As a way to honor military personnel, New Lisbon Correctional Institution (NLCI) maintenance department employees built and donated a hand crafted lamp to The Highground, a veteran’s memorial park in Neillsville.

The lamp was designed and constructed by NLCI’s maintenance department to support The Highground’s fundraising events. Kay Anason, the nonprofit’s donation coordinator, said the lamp will be auctioned with proceeds going to benefit future operations and memorial sites on the grounds.

“NLCI has several staff that are veterans and regularly visit The Highground, especially in observance of Veterans Day,” said NLCI Warden Lizzie Tegels.  “The lamp was created by the talented staff in our Maintenance Department, many of whom are veterans themselves, and is just a small symbol of our appreciation to military veterans and to those who continue to serve.”

The lamp was made from metal donated by Badger State Industries and other recycled lamp components no longer in use at NLCI. Each side is painted with depictions of service persons engaged in military conflict situations.

“We are so pleased to receive such a beautiful piece from NLCI,” said Anason, noting that the group has received previous donations from NLCI.

“These pieces are incredibly meaningful to the veterans who served and especially to those who win the item in the auction,” Anason said. “We are happy to be able to make the pieces available through our fundraising events while at the same time paying tribute to those who have served our country.”

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