The Academic Top Ten of the New Lisbon High School graduation class will be able to sit in the front row this year and the parents get preferential crowd seating.  The New Lisbon School Board attempted to change the tradition during its Monday night meeting, but pushback from the students and parents resulted in a compromise.  Monday night New Lisbon High School Principal Gary Syftestad recommended the Seniors be seated alphabetically instead of the Academic Top 10 being seated in the front row.  But the students and parents explained the timing was wrong.  The girls had worked hard to get high grade point averages and then be told two months before graduation that they wouldn’t be sitting in the front row was too much for the girls.  Emotions ran high Monday night when both parents and students talked about the traditions of the Academic Top Ten.  The Board appeared ready to accept the change.   Board President Tom Hopper said, “I have mixed feelings and have heard comments that the dummies are sitting in the back row.”  He felt it was a type of bullying that separates people.  Board Clerk Wendy Murphy commented that “all parents are proud of their students who have met the requirements of receiving their diplomas.”  After the comments by the public, Hopper offered a compromise, this year’s graduation class and next year’s graduation class will continue the Academic Top 10 seating in the front row, but after the 2014 graduation, Seniors will be seated alphabetically.