The City of New Lisbon Police Department would like to address on-going safety concerns for motorists and construction crews working on State Road 80 (South Monroe Street) road project which is being done between County Road B and US Highway 12/16 in the city. Our agency has been vigilantly monitoring this construction zone and road project since August 1 when the “Road Closed” signs were placed on the above intersections to help the project be as safe as possible. However, daily commuter traffic is still traveling through this construction site on a daily bases.


Our agency wants to be as proactive as possible in educating commuters to these safety concerns, the violation(s) that are being committed, the alternate travel routes, and the duration that this road project is projected to last.


While conducting traffic stops primarily for the following Wisconsin State Statute violation: 346.04 Obedience to traffic officers, signs and signals; fleeing from officer.

(2) No operator of a vehicle shall disobey the instructions of any official traffic sign or signal unless otherwise directed by a traffic officer.

Commuters are informing our officers that a lane has been left open around the “Road Closed” barricades and presumably that is for “local traffic” or weekend use. This is not the case. Based on state law a lane must be left open and accessible for emergency vehicles for emergency purposes. This open traffic lane provides access points for the construction crew and their equipment as well. We will acknowledge there may be some confusion to a lane being open and non-contracted or emergency vehicles traveling into this area. A lot of these vehicles are Fun Company Employees having to access their place of business located within this construction site. Employees traveling to and from work should be the only commuter traffic in the area. For added clarification, it is NOT a “Road Closed to Thru Traffic” situation, the road is CLOSED.


As for alternate travel routes/detour. Please take time to adjust your travel time as the detour routes can obviously add several minutes to your commute. Signs are clearly posted on State Road 80 at County Road B for the alternate route to travel westbound on County Road B to then County Road A and onto Leer Street. In town alternate route signs can be seen at the main stop-and-go intersection (State Road 80 and US Highway 12/16) that indicate the travel route south on State Road 80 is to take US Highway 12/16 westbound to Leer Street. Once on Leer Street detoured traffic should proceed onto County Road A westbound to County Road B back to State Road 80. (Attached is a Detour Route in YELLOW).


Speaking with our Public Works Director Nick Wyss the State Road 80 project is projected to last into October of this year. As this project progresses this agency will provide updated information to our citizens, commuters, and business owners that may be affected.


If you have questions for the New Lisbon Police Department or the city’s Public Works Department regarding this project feel free to contact our agency at 608-562-3333 or the New Lisbon Public Works Director Nick Wyss at 608-562-5213.