Daniel Dahlberg, age 19 of New Lisbon, was cited with criminal Hit and Run for an incident that occurred on February 2nd at around 7:30pm.  Dahlberg was allegedly driving without headlights when he struck another vehicle, then backed up and fled the scene.  The crash occurred on Alan Road in the City of New Lisbon.  The front license plate registered to a ’97 Green Chevy Blazer and owned by Daniel Dahlberg was found at the scene.  A witness in a neighboring apartment building confirmed the crash victim’s story.
The Sheriff’s Department finally was able to contact Dahlberg over the phone several days later.  On that call, Dahlberg was said to be angry and irritated, telling the Deputy he sold the vehicle to someone he did not know or could prove, and mistakenly left the plates on it even though he had recently registered it.  Dahlberg eventually hung up on the Deputy.  Along with the Criminal Hit and Run charge, Dahlberg received five additional citations including Operating After Suspension.