Joan Holig updates the Juneau County Board on the Memorial Fund to raise money in order to build a structure to honor Robert Holig.


A Memorial Fund has been established for the building of a new dairy barn at the Juneau County Fairgrounds at Veterans Park in Mauston.  “A generous donation made it possible to jump start the Robert Holig Memorial Fund to raise money for the new dairy pavilion,” said Joan Holig during the Juneau County Board meeting Tuesday morning.  In a letter Holig presented to the Supervisors, over 30-thousand dollars been raised to date.  The building will be named the Robert Holig Dairy Pavilion.  The structure is still in the early planning stages but will include a small milking parlor, as well as a show ring for other animal exhibitors to use at the fair.  Holig died in October 2012 following complications from a stroke.