Necedah is planning their second annual Necedah Wine & Beer Walk for November 22, 2019 and looking for sponsors.

Last year they sold out of the 100 available tickets!  This year we are making 150 tickets available.

In 2018 the Bank of Mauston sponsored wine charms.  This year we would like to find a sponsor or sponsors who would like to sponsor plates with their logo on it.  These plates will hold a wine glass and snacks so that the participants can have a free hand to snack.  We will be holding a decorated wine glass competition so that participants bring their own glass.  If they do not bring a glass, we will supply a disposable glass.  We hope that this will encourage pictures and social media posts of the fun glasses people bring and that they include the plates in their posts.  I have the quote attached with pictures of the plates.

If you have any questions, or would if you are interested in sponsoring part or all of these plates, please let us know.   You can email us here, or call Jessica at 608-542-0880


They still have some space for businesses if you are interested in us finding you a place along Main Street to join in the Wine & Beer Walk as a business.