The Necedah School Board had a busy night at their last meeting. Last Monday, the board went over the audit from Johnson Block and Company, Incorporated. Then the board approved a contract with CESA 10 for their Environmental Health and Safety Program. CESA 10 will meet with school officials to make sure the school is in compliance with Wisconsin statutes and the administration code. The board also eliminated the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) option for the staff. This program was an option for the staff to put money in an account for things that weren’t covered by health insurance. It was a way for the staff to save money because any money that was put in the account was pre-taxed. However, the amount of staff using this option has dropped within the last few years because the district started using a Health Savings Account insurance plan. The board decided it was no longer practicable to continue the FSA and removed it from the handbook. The next school board meeting will be January 20th at 7pm.