Early in March, Necedah National Wildlife Refuge staff received artwork from students around the state for the 2020, Wisconsin Junior Duck Stamp Contest during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff was able to virtually view each piece to complete the judging portion of the competition from home.

Two Oregon High School seniors earned the 2020, Best of Show Honors. Eden Meidl, for her hyperrealism rendition of a green-winged teal and Lauren Denu for her artistic impression of a drake mallard in snow. Both students will have their artwork compete at the national level to vie for a chance to become the printed Federal Junior Duck Stamp that sells for $5 nationally.

Jr. Stamp sales put 100% of monies raised back into conservation education around the United States. Similar to the adult Federal Duck Stamp that is produced, Duck Stamps put 98% of its purchases go to wetland and waterfowl conservation. By purchasing one or both, the contribution helps waterfowl conservation and education for current and future generations.

Staff and students look forward to the National Level Contest judging held on April 17.