A Mauston woman was mailed a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia.  Police said Saturday morning about 2:30am an officer assisted with an ambulance call and responded  to a residence in the 700-block of Martin Street in the City of Mauston for an intoxicated woman with difficulty breathing.  Before the ambulance crew arrived, the officer made contact and recognized the woman as 33-year old Angela Solchenberger.  She answered the officer that she could hear him, but didn’t respond when asked if she had taken anything other than alcohol, specifically prescription drugs or narcotics.  The officer searched an open canvas style purse near the woman and located a pill vial and a small flashlight.  The pill vial contained prescription medication, but the small key chain-type flashlight did not contain a light bulb, however it did have the odor of burnt marijuana.  It was a disguised pipe in the shape of a flashlight.  Solchenberger was transported to the Mile Bluff Medical Center Emergency Room.  The ER personnel confirmed the clonazepam prescription was Solchenberger’s.  She denied owning the pot pipe, although it was found in her purse.  Prior to being released from the ER, 33-year old Billy Radcliffe arrived at the ER to be with Solchenberger.  A records check showed Radcliffe was wanted on a Tomah PD shoplifting citation bondable for $429 or 9-days in jail.  Radcliffe was transported by a Juneau County Deputy to the Juneau/Monroe County Line.  Solchenberger was fined $303.00.