A Mexican man was arrested for ‘Hit and run causing injury’.  Police said 20-year old Rodrigo Sandoval Estrada was coming from the Cinco De Mayo Restaurant in Mauston.  He applied the brakes of his white Dodge Intrepid but failed to stop and struck a vehicle at the intersection of North Union and East State Streets in downtown Mauston near Kwik Trip and kept driving.  Estrada’s vehicle was located on Grayside Avenue on Mauston’s west side.  After initiating a traffic stop, the officer ordered Estrada to hang up his cell phone and step out-of the car.  Estrada did neither.  So the officer opened the door and Estrada then exited the vehicle.  The officer could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from the car.  Estrada indicated he did not understand English.  The driver of the vehicle Estrada allegedly struck was 46-year old Michele Wilkinsin of rural New Lisbon.  Wilkinsin had suffered a back injury.  Estrada was transported to the emergency room at Hess Memorial Hospital for a blood draw.  The ER doctor, Dr. Bueno, was able to speak with Estrada.  During the conversation, Estrada told the doctor he had been drinking at Cinco De Mayo, that he was involved in an accident, that he had hit the brakes but his car would not stop.  After being medically cleared, Estrada was transported to the Juneau County Jail.  Estrada’s employer, Bill Robinson, arrived and confirmed the man in custody worked for him on his farm in Elroy.  But Robinson knew him as Ramon Perez.  Perez has a green card and a social security number.  Through an interpreter, it was determined Estrada has two-names and goes by both because his mother was born in Mexico and his father was born in Guatemala.  A preliminary breath test showed .16%.  Estrada was cited for ‘Operating without a valid driver’s license’, ‘Driving too fast for conditions’, ‘Violating the absolute sobriety law’, and tentatively charged with ‘Hit and run causing injury’.