Several members of the same family were arrested within minutes of separate incidents.  According to police last Sunday evening an officer responded to a residence in the 700-block of East North Street in the City of Adams for a report of an argument over child custody.  Investigation revealed 22-year old Angela Challoner of Arkdale had gotten upset and threw her cell phone at her father-in-law.  She had come to pick up her young child but first her father-in-law wanted to talk about the incident about an hour prior when Challoner’s husband, his son, had been arrested.  As Angela Challoner was being handcuffed, her sister-in-law, 22-year old Ashlie Challoner of Adams, arrived in a vehicle, jumped out of the driver’s seat, and started screaming obscenities at Angela.  The officer made several attempts to calm her, but she continued to yell and use profanity.  An Adams County deputy arrived on scene and arrested Ashlie Challoner.  Both woman were transported to the Adams County Jail and tentatively charged with disorderly conduct.