Last week was a great day to show off your patriotic pride.  A Mauston woman may have taken that a little bit to the extreme.  A Juneau County deputy was dispatched to a Lyndon Station residence for a report of a woman walking through traffic waving an American Flag.  The report also stated the subject 26 year old Aubrey Krowiorz stole the flag from a neighboring yard.  Authorities arrived and asked Aubrey where she got the flag from, she responded “it was hers; she’s had it for 3 years”.  The theft victims told authorities they had watched the woman take it out of their yard.  Authorities told Aubrey to give the flag back and she finally did after first refusing.  Authorities believed Aubrey to be under the influence of drugs, possibly meth.  Krowiorz was arrested and taken to Juneau County Jail.  She is being charged with Felony Bail Jumping, and Disorderly Conduct.  The victims decided not to press theft charges because Krowiorz was being charged with Disorderly Conduct.