At a Special School Board meeting on Monday night, the Mauston School Board certified the 2014 Tax Levy. The mill rate has increased from 12 dollars  and 75 cents per one thousand dollars to 13 dollars and 43 cents per one thousand dollars. This is a 68 cent per thousand dollars increase. Business Manager and Transportation Director Julie Lankey-Smallwood says that is because the district’s property values have decreased significantly. She says it is something the district cannot control. “We can try to control membership, we can try to control the cost per student , but we cannot control the property values and because of the drastic decline in the property value, it has caused our mill rate to go up,” said Lankey-Smallwood.  

Lankey-Smallwood says this is because the mill rate is determined by dividing the total tax levy by the fall property values. In order for the mill rate to go down, property values need to increase.