While driving home 30 year old Seth Westburg thought he had ran over a turtle.  Westberg, the Superintendent of Parks & Forestry in Mauston, stopped to check out what exactly he ran over.  It turned out to be a bank envelope containing $25,000 in cash.  Westberg called numerous family members trying to figure out what to do with the money.  His mother finally returned his call and advised him to hang on to it for two weeks, saying most likely you’ll hear something about someone losing that much money.  That same day Westberg was driving in the same area he found the money, noticing a county cop car and a private vehicle.  He saw an elderly gentleman talking to the officer.  Westberg asked the man if he had lost anything, and he said yeah $25,000.  Westberg told the man “let’s go to my house, I have your money”.  Westberg returned the man his money.  The man had apparently left the envelope on top of his car and had it fall off without realizing it.  Westberg says although $25,000 would have allowed him to pay off his student debt, there was no doubt he would do the right thing and return the money.  Westberg, who also works part time at the Dirty Turtle on Castle Rock Lake, hopes his good deed will spur the community of Mauston to do the right thing if someone finds them self in a similar situation.