Steven M. Champney, a 28 year old Mauston Man, has been charged with three counts of Felony Bail Jumping, Possession Of Methamphetamine, and Possessing Drug Paraphernalia.
On Tuesday, Sept. 14th, in the City of Mauston, Champney was seen walking eastbound on E. State Street from Kwik Trip with a backpack. An officer thought it was strange since he had observed Champney driving a vehicle to Kwik Trip 15 minutes earlier. He noticed that another officer was looking at the vehicle but decided to continue to follow Champney.
After he approached Champney, he noticed that he did not have a backpack on him. The officer asked about where the backpack was but Champney denied having one. He detained Champney while calling for another office to locate the backpack which was found behind a privacy fence of a residence.
The backpack was searched and a glass pipe with an electrical taped bowl was found along with a glass bulb pipe used for ingesting methamphetamine. Paperwork with Champney’s name on it was found as an identifying document. Champney was escorted to the Juneau County Jail.
Jail staff did a second search of Champney’s backpack and found a small bag with a gem bag with methamphetamine¬† inside of it. The gem bag weighed .85g.