A 23 year old Mauston man is facing multiple charges including Strangulation and Suffocation, False Imprisonment, Battery and Disorderly Conduct after authorities reported to a Division Street residence on June 5th for a welfare check.  Witnesses had called authorities due to a lot of screaming being heard from the residence.  Witnesses had heard a man later identified as Esai Cruz mention something about having a gun.  The officer waited for backup before trying to enter the residence.  As backup arrived they entered the house, Cruz and the victim were in a locked bedroom.  Cruz would not cooperate with authorities and demanded a warrant.  Authorities were finally able to make contact with Cruz, who was completely naked, and the victim.  Cruz continued to be uncooperative and resisted authorities.  He was eventually tazed by authorities after being warned.  Cruz was finally placed in handcuffs after continuing to resist authorities.  The victim was visibly shaken and told authorities Cruz had hit her with an open hand and placed her in a leg lock.  The leg lock was choking her to a point she nearly lost consciousness.