A 31 year old Mauston man is facing multiple charges after trying to bring Schedule III Narcotics into the Juneau County Jail.  Christopher Pitel turned himself into the Juneau County Jail for a probation warrant on May 12th.  Pitel was patted down and initially nothing was discovered on him.  He was taken to the changing room where he had to change his socks from black to white.  During this time a deputy noticed Pitel was hiding something in his hand.  The deputy asked what it was and Pitel answered nothing.  He eventually dropped the item a small plastic bag containing 3 ½ orange pills later identified as Buprenorphine.  Pitel claimed he had a prescription but no bottle with doctors’ information was present.  Pitel is facing charges of Felony Bail Jumping, Deliver Illegal Articles to Inmate, and Possession of Controlled Substance.