A Mauston man allegedly held a person hostage while authorities tried to make contact with him on February 2nd.  Mauston authorities reported to a West State street residence on the 2nd for a report of a domestic disturbance.  A woman had been locked out of her residence and said 50 year old John Michel would not let her in and feared for the safety of another person inside the residence.  Authorities could not get into the place so they used forced entry due to the circumstances.  As authorities entered towards a back bedroom they heard a voice later identified as Michel say “Stay Back, I have a knife”.  During this time authorities reportedly heard Michel make threats of hurting himself or others.  After hours of negotiating and planning it was determined the authorities had to make a force entry into the bedroom. Entry was made and the victim was escorted out by police.  Michel failed to comply with authorities, but was placed into custody at the scene.  Authorities did find a small Gerber folding knife on Michel.  Michel is facing charges of Taking Hostages, Failure to Comply with Officers Attempts to Take Person into Custody, and Resisting an Officer.