A Mauston man has been charged in Adams County with forgery, unauthorized timber theft, and misdemeanor theft.  According to the deputy’s report, in August 2011 52-year old John Baack allegedly forged the signature of an Illinois woman authorizing him to enter her property in the Town of Big Flats and cut timber off her property.  Baack also allegedly used the fraudulent document to sub-contract a forest products company in Wisconsin Rapids to clear cut the land.  The Rapids company then paid Baack $2000  in advance and also contacted a timber company in Barron, Wisconsin to come and remove trees that would be suitable for telephone poles.  At this point, the Illinois property owner was notified by a neighbor that someone was on her property cutting trees.  Investigation revealed the property owner never signed a contract with Baack regarding clear cutting the timber in Adams County.  Although she did have Baack do some work for her regarding a trailer house in Juneau County.   Baack is summoned to appear in Adams County Circuit Court on November 15th, 2012.