This week the Mauston Food Pantry will be open as usual on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30 to 11.  We will be remaining open as long as the grocery stores are open, as we are also considered essential.  We only serve those families who qualify for using the pantry in the Mauston/Lyndon School District.  As of today other pantries in the county are also open as usual.

We have plenty of food, the government is making sure we will not run out.  We are not doing long lines.  We will remain calm and helpful to everyone!  We will be open, don’t panic.  No one will be allowed to be served a second time in any month.   You still need to bring a photo ID and current mail as usual.

No one but staff is allowed in the parking lot until 8:45.  Do not come and sit in the parking lot…if you are there when our staff arrives, you will need to leave and come back another day to be served!

We are keeping everyone as safe as we are able.  We are enforcing social distancing.  You will remain in your vehicle and will be given a number.  Only 1 person per family may be allowed in when your number is called.  You may not come in if you are sick in any way.  If you wish to wear gloves and masks, you may.  You must have your own.  We do not have any to share.

Please, if you are in a high risk group, send someone else in to get your food.  If you already do have a “proxy” set up that’s great.  If not, contact Kathy Green at 847-5454 to do this. This is a permission slip to let someone else to pick up your food and deliver it to you outside your door.

Do not bring your own bags, or boxes, you must use ours.

If you are considering dropping off a food donation to the pantry, Please Don’t. We need space to quarantine donated food for a week, and we don’t have space for extra vehicles. We are limiting our volunteer contact.

What is marvelous to do: 1)  Make a monetary donation by sending it to  PO Box 433 here in Mauston; OR 2) make a donation when you are at Festival Foods at the checkout – they have an account for us and money donations go directly into it and we can order what we need; OR 3) call Kathy Green to be put on the list to help. You can:   1) unload trucks   2) sort the food           3) stock food or 4) work the line to distribute food.  Please don’t just show up to help.  We are keeping social distancing even with all our volunteers.

You may contact Kathy Green with any questions.  This is her home number and she may need to call you back, but she will!

Thank you for helping us through this much needed time of assistance for our families in need.