There might be some discussion regarding the possibility of the City of Mauston hiring a new police officer. At the Common Council meeting on Tuesday night, the Finance and Purchasing Committee Chair Dennis Nielsen stated that the next Council agenda will include a Discussion and Action item regarding exploring the option of hiring an additional police officer. Police Chief Mark Messer said that about two months ago, the Police and Fire Commission approved that police officials could approach the city to see if it was possible to make such a hire between the months of July and December of this year. Then Lieutenant Mike Zilisch and the chief approached the Personnel Committee and the committee forwarded the request to the Finance Committee to see what the budget impact would be. Then on April 22, the Finance Committee made a recommendation that was forwarded to the entire council to discuss the feasibility of hiring another officer at the next council meeting. City Administrator Nathan Thiel said that the committee wants to discuss with the council to see if this option is worth exploring before making any recommendation of hiring a police officer. It would need to look at the costs, needs, and the possible savings that surround the position. Thiel said that this item is not hiring a new officer, but rather asking the council to support the investigation of hiring a new officer. Chief Messer said the position would be very beneficial to the police department for future needs and growth. The next Common Council meeting is May 13 at 6:30pm.