There was a lot of discussion during a workshop by the Mauston Common Council regarding the MSA space study done on the Mauston Municipal Building.  With the EMS moving out of the facility, there is an opportunity to utilize that area for a different use. The study indicates that the most significant space needs are clearly for the Police Department with more minor immediate needs for the other use areas. Some long terms needs were anticipated for the Fire Department as well. The study came up with four different options. Two options suggested that either the Fire Department or the Police Department takes over EMS areas. The third option was to remodel the Police Department and City Hall with a new Fire Station constructed on another site. The final option was to remodel the building into a Public Safety Building with a new City Hall/Community Center being constructed on another site. City Administrator Nathan Thiel said, “In the short-term, City Hall needs a public bathroom access, and a break room. Some of the short term improvements are contingent on long term goals.” The council members decided not take any action on the study, feeling that there should be time to think about each option carefully.