The Mauston Cross Country team was competing at the Verona Cross Country Invitational on Saturday. During the Girls’ Varsity race, a runner from another school had passed out about 2000 meters into the race.

Several runners went by the distressed runner but not Mauston’s Allison LaVold. In her own words she said, “Coach, the way the girl was a lying on the ground, it looked like she was dead. I knew I had to do something to help.”

Allison checked for a pulse rate, called for help which was already on the way, and waited with the girl until the EMS crew arrived. She continued racing once help had arrived.

Allison was having a very good race, but it didn’t matter because Allison was more concerned with helping another human being that needed help.

Now a perfect ending would be to tell you that Allison caught up to the lead pack and won the race, but a more perfect ending is that the passed out runner was ok, and Allison raced a personal best 5K while having to stop.

Allison certainly has her own page in the MHS CC history book.

Mauston High School can be very proud of how Allison represented her school. People could see she was from Mauston, and she was showing what it means to be a leader. Her family, classmates, and community should be very proud of her. Thanks to coach Bill Devoe for putting this story out there for the public to know about the great work by Allison.