The Warrants are based on ‘Failure to Pay’.  These are City of Mauston and Village of Necedah cases.  Honorable Seth Tully says, “If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please contact local law enforcement.  This list is subject to change on a daily basis, updates will be released weekly.”

Blundon, Joshua  Necedah  Damaged Property  $750.00
Harris, Patricia Mauston  Theft  $572.90
 Keyes, Wayne  Necedah  Theft $ 167.90
 Koeller, Elizabeth  Necedah  Theft $152.90
 Smith, Robert  Necedah  Underage drinking  $114.00
 Suchomel, Jeremy  Necedah  Trespassing  $224.80
 Voltz, Michelle  Mauston  Truancy  $252.60


Brown, Jennifer  Mauston Truancy  $252.60
 Bryant, Shannon  Mauston Worthless Check $255.82
 Bryant, Shannon  Mauston  Worthless Check  $232.20
 Gudgeon, Debra  Mauston  Truancy  $252.60
 Herring, Carl Mauston Disorderly Conduct $397.50
 Hillyer, James  Mauston  Retail Theft $303.00
 Howland, Gail  Mauston  Party to Crime  $666.00
 Humphrey, Maria Mauston  Disorderly Conduct  $397.50
 Lee, Ronda  Wisconsin Dells  Truancy  $252.60
 Pelner, Christopher  Lyndon Station  Truancy $252.60
 Shearer, Alyssa  Mauston  Worthless Checks $242.68
 Smith, Ezekiel  Mauston  Battery  $366.00
 Smith, Ezekiel  Mauston Damaged property  $516.00
 Smith, Ezekiel  Mauston  Disorderly conduct  $397.50
 Stephenson, Allison  Reedsburg  Theft Library material  $54.90