A Lyndon Station man is facing a Perjury Charge in Juneau County.  Juneau County District Attorney Ken Hamm asked detectives to investigate a possible lying under oath by 79 year old Arvind Patel.  Patel said under oath he did not own property on Amherst Rd in the Town of Kildare.  Hamm turned over documents to county detectives stating he did indeed have a residence at the Kildare address.  Patel had hospital and Juneau County Sheriff’s Office documents stating he resided on Amherst Rd in the Town of Kildare.  Patel also had a driver’s license stating he lived at the Kildare residence.  Patel claims he bought the house but gave it to his son around 30 years ago.  He claims he filed paperwork with an Illinois attorney but didn’t know if it was ever filed in Juneau County.