In the Mayor's absence, Mauston Alderman Dan May presents Lt. Michael Jackson with the City's retirement proclamation

Mauston Police Lieutenant Michael Jackson was honored Monday at an Open House Retirement Party at City Hall after 38-years of service.  Jackson has spent his entire law enforcement career with the City of Mauston and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Jackson told the dozens of well wishers gathered at the Community Room at City Hall, “working for the County, a call could be 45 to 50-miles away.  Here in the City, the response time is quicker and the officers also respond with ambulance calls.”  Chief Messer called Jackson, “a cop’s cop, an officer who intertwined the business and residential communities.”  Jackson said, “I’m ready to retire, do more fishing, and maybe in a couple of years start spending winters in the south with my wife, Tracy.”