“Following a Public Hearing Monday night, the Necedah Village Board approved a land use variance for an accessory building for Richie and Tina Rattunde at 606 Bluff Street,” said Necedah Village Administrator Roger Herried.  In other business, the Board is considering drafting an Ordinance to Allow Chickens within the Village Limits.  Herried said, “Some of the Trustees were in favor of allowing chickens and some were not.  It all depends if they are on your neighbor’s property or further down the street.”  The Board referred the issue to committee for further review.  Herried said, “because of the inclement spring weather last month, the Village was not able to plant trees at the Necedah library for Arbor Day, so Tuesday as an ‘After School Program’ the trees were planted.  The students also participated  in a seminar on tapping a maple tree for syrup.”