State Assemblyman Scot Krug, a Republican from the Town of Rome, held Listening Sessions in Adams County Friday.  While at the Town Hall in Monroe, Krug talked about water quality and quantity to Town Chairman Dwaine Hays.  Krug wants to limit irrigation for farmers but not restrict other high capacity users, such as municipalities and the state.  He said further studies need to be done to determine the impact of high capacity users such as golf courses, sand mining, and cranberry growers.  Krug has talked with the Australian company, Global Environmental Infrastructure Solutions (GEITS) and is trying to change regulation at the state level to allow the green company to place floating solar panels on Petenwell Lake and use the electricity produced to reduce phosphorous and algae growth.   Town Chairman Hays is working on rerouting traffic to the Adams County Petenwell Park off Big Horn Drive to Blackhawk Avenue.  Big Horn Drive runs through a populated subdivision and Hays says, “It’s a safety issue.”  But Blackhawk Avenue needs upgrades to handle the additional traffic and Hays is working with the state and the Ho-Chunk Nation to help fund the project.