Representative Ron Kind meets with MHS Jr Josh Leach, a candidate for the Air Force Academy.

Two dozen citizens attended Congressman Ron Kind’s Listening Session Thursday morning at the Juneau County Courthouse in Mauston.  Kind expressed concerns about fixing sequestration and restoring the cuts made to the Head Start program, Pell Grants for college students, and meals-on-wheels for seniors.   Kind also announced 81-thousand dollars he returned to the U.S. Treasury from his Congressional office budget for a total of 1.4-million accumulative during his entire time in office.   A few citizens in attendance spoke against the Affordable Health Care Act, saying it wasn’t affordable. Mauston insurance agent, Woody Syverson, appealed to Kind to help educate the public regarding the projected 80-percent increase in health insurance rates for individuals, such as farmers, and the penalties the uninjured will pay, $95 at first, then $695 by 2016.  Families will pay $2000 in penalties, if uninsured.  Kind agreed on providing outreach to the public and referenced the website for more information.  Kind added, “The Affordable Healthcare Act has been paid for with offsets of additional taxes and penalties.”