Juneau County will see a savings of over $600,000 in interest over the next several years as a result of refinancing outstanding debt.  Juneau County Financial Advisor Carol Wirth told the Juneau County Board Tuesday morning, “the 6.5-million dollar tax exempt bonds will be refinanced at 2% interest and the 1.87-million dollar taxable bonds will be refinanced at a 2.37-percent interest rate.”  Wirth said, “Standard and Poors gave Juneau County an A- Bond Rating resulting in the historically low interest rates.”  Juneau County Financial Director Lori Chipman said, “the 6.5-million dollar debt is the balance owed on the Justice Center and the bank loan used to purchase the Petrowitz property for the Fairgrounds.  And the 1.87-million dollar debt is used to fund the Wisconsin Retirement System.”