The Juneau County Highway Department is asking for Juneau County residents’ input on current State road mowing practices by calling in comments to the Highway Department at 608-847-5874.

Per Juneau County’s Routine Maintenance Agreement with the DOT, the mowing policy states that there will be a onetime mowing each year generally to be done by July 1st.  In 2017 Juneau County entered into a pilot program to be able to mow twice which the first mowing in the spring is one pass only, the fall mowing allows up to two passes.  In monitoring the success, it involves tracking costs related to mowing vs brush clearing, and drifting snow because of vegetation heights.   We would also like to get public comments on the issue.

We would appreciate your comments on what you think of the spring and fall mowing of the state highway right of way by calling the number above.

Dennis Weiss

Highway Commissioner

Juneau County