On behalf of the Juneau County Fairboard, I would like to share some information with the community about the upcoming fair. As some of you may have already heard, we were unable to book a carnival for this year’s fair. Over the course of the last year, the fairboard has tried to reach out to the 6 carnivals that are currently operational in Wisconsin and have had no luck. We are a smaller community that can not compete with the larger counties and cities that are seeking a carnival during the same time as us. We have even reached out to surrounding states to look at the possibilities of bringing in carnivals and still were unsuccessful. We have looked at the possibilities of moving the fair dates, but that can not happen without many other conflicts that would occur in moving these dates. We are continuing to search for carnivals for years to come and are remaining hopeful that we will be successful.

We are pushing forward and are excited to bring several different activities for the kids of the community. This year we will be having Thunder Showers LLC out of Boscebel, which will bring inflatables for kids of all ages. They will also be bringing a Euro Bungy so the kids can jump to their heart’s content. For the older kids we are excited as we will be having a challenging event at the fair, Axe Throwing. This event will for sure help relieve some of the frustration of not having the carnival.

Check out our website www.juneaucountyfair.com for a complete list of Youth and Grandstand Events.

We, as a fairboard, have worked hard to bring the community the best fair that we are able to put together. We understand that a carnival is a big part of the fair and hope to bring one back in the future. We still hope as a community you are able to come support the youth of Juneau County showing off their hard work that they have put in on their projects throughout the year. The youth work hard everyday with their animals. They do this so they can have the opportunity to bring these animals to the fair and show the community what agriculture is about. This is one of the greatest rewards these youth will experience.

Juneau County Fairboard


Zachary Board