The Juneau County Emergency Management Department and Emergency Communications Network, L.L.C of Ormond Beach, Florida have entered into an agreement for “CodeRED” and “CodeRED Weather Warnings” services. “CodeRED” is designed to record, send and track personalized messages to thousands of citizens in minutes. Director Gervase Thompson said these services would be provided to Juneau County citizens to receive notifications of emergency information, such as severe weather warnings initiated by the county’s 911 dispatch center. He said it would also let the department know who and who didn’t receive the messages. The cost for such services is already available from the funds in the department’s 2014 budget. This agreement is only a one year deal, and Thompson said that they would monitor the program and see if it is worth renewing the contract next year. The Juneau County Board of Supervisors approved of the agreement at its monthly meeting on Tuesday and made it an official act of Juneau County.