The UW Extension office in Juneau County participated in Citizen to Citizen Diplomacy through Open World and World Services this spring. Making the journey were Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Jim Holte; Juneau County Resource Development Agent Gary Kirking; April Martell, nutrition education coordinator, UW-Extension, also in Juneau County; and Theresa Burns-Gilbert, executive director of the Monroe County Housing Authority, Sparta. While Burns-Gilbert couldn’t attend the Lunch ‘N’ Learn on Thursday, Kirking, Martell, and Holte talked about their experiences with the culture, social, economic, religious and personal aspects of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as their importance in the future to the United States. In 2014, they received an invite to bring a delegation from western Wisconsin to visit these countries. The delegation spent 12 days in Central Asia, meeting with entrepreneurs, local, regional, and national representatives, giving presentations, touring historic sites, and learning more about the culture. The delegates had the opportunity to stay with host families for 5 days in one of the cities to learn about normal day to day life. The focus of the trip was the continuance of citizen to citizen diplomacy and economic development in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.